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The House magazine feature on the Centre For Towns

Lisa Nandy's work with the Centre For Towns, and what it is trying to achieve, is highlighted in this piece from the House magazine.

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Towns, cities and the tilting political axis

Will Jennings wrote this piece for the Bennett Institue for Public Policy on the new political identities emerging in Britain and the split between rural and urban areas

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Hell on High Street

Shops and businesses making up our town centres are closing at an alarming rate, a Centre For Towns/Mirror investigation shows - with even fashion giant New Look not immune to the downward trend, as bosses consider shutting 60 stores.

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Outside the South-East, Britain’s towns are struggling to hold on to their young people

Many of Britain’s towns are shrinking; big-city Britain is largely thriving.
Taking south Wales as an example of these divisions, Ian Warren explains why his new Centre for Towns will advocate for the future of our towns, particularly during a period when both major parties in the UK parliament appear committed to city regions.

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Small towns left behind as exodus of youth to cities accelerates

 The emptying out of young people from Britain’s small towns has accelerated over the past two decades, as the gap widens between the country’s cities and university towns and everywhere else. 
Using research from the Centre For Towns.

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Stop Patronising Small Town Voters

 A dramatic migration of young people from Britain’s small towns to big cities has been revealed by a new study, amid fresh evidence that many voters living outside London think politicians don’t care about their area.

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