This section provides links to the reports published by the Centre. Our work covers approximately seven thousand places of all sizes across Britain and we will produce regular reports pertinent to these places


This report uses data from Ernst & Young to describe how much foreign direct investment went into our towns and cities in 2019 and since 1997. We break down the investment by place type.

In this briefing we describe what the re-opening of retail post might mean for a town centre if social distancing rules are to continue.

COVID-19 and our Towns
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In this report, we look at which places in England and Wales will be most affected by COVID-19. In particular, we look at the sectors of the economy currently shut down before going on to analyse the resilience of places to the effects of COVID-19

Digital Briefing
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In this briefing report we describe the size of the digital sector in thousands of places across England and Wales: communities, towns and cities; Local Enterprise Partnerships; Combined Authorities. We break the sector down into its component parts.

Trends in housing in our towns
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In this report we analyse trends in housing in our towns and cities since the 1980s. We look at changes in the number of households and average household size; trends in residential tenure; and increases in house prices for all place and property types.

Centre for Towns looks at the 2018 Local Elections, with a particular focus on how voters in towns played a central role in deciding the outcome.

Following on from our report, Ageing Of Our Towns, we take a look at the accessibility of local health services for people in all parts of Britain. If, as we suggest, our towns will get older and older this report describes the implications for the ability of people to get to their GP, pharmacy, dentist and A & E.

The Ageing of Our Towns
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To understand the ageing of our towns it is necessary to track the change in age group populations over the last few decades. The Centre first defined the geographical boundaries of each of its places (villages, communities, small, medium, and large towns, and core cities) and then extracted data from the last four censuses (1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011) for populations within those boundaries.

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