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South Africa Enacts Law for Digital Nomad Visa Despite Public Apprehensions

Laws in South Africa - Digital Nomad Visa 101

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Big news! South Africa just made it legal for remote workers to live there while keeping their jobs. The new “digital nomad visa” rules were approved to attract wealthy tech folks to the country.

This could be a huge opportunity for South Africa’s growing tech scene. But not everyone thinks it’s such a good idea. When the government asked for public input on the draft rules, they didn’t use much of what people said.

Some locals worry this new visa will drive costs up and make things less fair. We’ll have to wait and see how it all works out. So, what does this new digital nomad visa allow?

According to the law, you need to earn a certain amount each month to qualify. They also say income tax won’t apply for stays under 6 months. But it’s unclear if the salary minimum is before or after taxes – and if freelancers can use the visa too.

A Few Other Things to Keep In Mind

A few other laws, like the tax rules and copyright law, will need changes to fit the new visa. The tax exemption could be tricky to manage for foreign companies working with South Africa’s tax agency, too.

And some experts worry the copyright changes may weaken protections for digital nomads creating their own software. With the “eyes on Nomad goldrush,” South Africa hopes remote workers will bring new money and jobs.

But making it all work may not be easy.  As one official said, “The opportunities are big, but so are the challenges.” More updates as this new digital nomad program gets rolling.