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Why People Move to Australia: 11 Reasons Behind Relocation


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Australia ranks high on many people’s travel wish lists, but it’s not just a dream vacation spot—it’s also a top choice for those looking to settle down long-term.

The country offers a variety of visa options, making it possible for many people from around the globe to turn their dreams of living in Australia into reality.

Why People Move to Australia

10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Australia

So, what draws people to move halfway around the world to call Australia home?

1. Envious Way of Life

woman relax in australia

Australia’s reputation for its relaxed lifestyle is well-deserved. The country enjoys one of the highest quality of life indices globally.

Australia has it all.

Although living expenses in big cities like Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney can be steep, comparable to many cities in Europe and the US, Australia consistently ranks as one of the most livable countries worldwide.

Money, while it cannot buy happiness, is an important means to achieving higher living standards. In Australia, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is USD 37 433 a year, more than the OECD average of USD 30 490 a year, as stated by OECD.[1]

2. Blend of Cultures Across the Globe

Since 1945, almost seven million people have migrated to Australia according to Australia Human Rights Commission.[2]

This means that there is literally something for everyone, as well as a wonderful array of culinary offerings, public international celebrations, and many opportunities to learn different languages.

3. Plenty of Job Opportunities For You

job interview in australia

With unemployment hovering around 3.5%, the land Down Under is ripe with opportunities.

A recent study from Victoria University in Melbourne[3] highlights some of the hottest job markets:

  1. Construction Managers
  2. Civil Engineering Professionals
  3. Early Childhood Teachers
  4. Registered Nurses
  5. ICT Business & Systems Analysts
  6. Software & Applications Programmers
  7. Electricians
  8. Chefs
  9. Childcare Workers
  10. Aged and Disabled Care Workers

4. Great Weather Year-Round

Across Australia’s eight states and territories, the climate offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

Here’s the lowdown on the weather in some of Australia’s prime living locations:

  • Sunny Sydney: Sydney shines with its bright, sunny climate. Winters are mild and summers are pleasantly warm—ideal for almost any outdoor activity you can think of.
  • Melbourne’s Four Seasons Daily: Melbourne keeps you on your toes with its famously unpredictable weather. You might experience all four seasons in just one day! The heat hits its peak in January and February, occasionally pushing past 30°C, so it’s a city where you’re always ready for anything according to The Age.[4]
  • Perth, the City of Sun: As Australia’s sunniest city, Perth enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters according to Australia.com.[5]
  • Adelaide’s Mild Charm: With its mild winters and warm, dry summers, Adelaide strikes a perfect balance. You’ll find a mix of cloudy and clear skies, complemented by refreshing breezes, making it a great place for all sorts of outdoor fun as per same source.[5.1]

5. Australia’s Wild Side

australia wild side

Australia’s outdoors is nothing short of spectacular, offering everything from untouched beaches and dense rainforests to vast deserts, towering mountains, and the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

It’s a paradise for anyone with a love for adventure, offering experiences you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world.

Here’s a rundown of some unforgettable outdoor adventures[6] that draw people to make Australia their home:

6. If You Are Into Sports, This Is the Right Place

Australia’s passion for sports is unmatched, making it the perfect playground for anyone with a love for athletic pursuits.

Whether it’s rugby, soccer, tennis, or cricket that gets your heart racing, there’s something here for every sports fan.

The opportunity to play, learn, or even catch some of the world’s top athletes in action is abundant.

Annual mega-events like the Ashes, Australian Grand Prix, the Australian Football League, and Australian Open tennis are just a few highlights that make Australia on of best destinations for sport enthusiasts.

7. Top-Notch Healthcare

australian healthcare

At the heart of Australia’s healthcare system is Medicare, a great universal health insurance program.

This system, along with the public hospitals, ensures that all Australians have access to essential healthcare services at little to no cost. If you’re an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or on certain regional work visas, you’re covered according to Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.[7]

But, for expats eyeing Australia as their new home, there’s a catch. Before you can get your work visa, you’ll need to show that you’ve got at least a basic level of private health insurance. Don’t worry, though—once you’ve landed in Australia, you can sign up for Medicare.

Finding a pharmacy in Australia is easy, particularly in the big cities, and many are open late. In case of a medical emergency, the number to remember is 000.

Just a heads-up: Medicare doesn’t cover ambulance services, which is another solid reason to consider getting private health insurance.

8. Exceptional Education Standards

Australia has an incredibly high level of education, with its schools and universities gaining respect and admiration all over the globe.

Now in 2024 in rankings by the World Population Review,[8] Australia takes the 8th spot in global education rankings, trailing behind powerhouses like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Japan.

Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. According to a research of International Student.

9. 12th Strongest Economy In The World

australian economy

Australia is often listed as one of the top places to live, work, study, and invest globally, and it’s on track to become the world’s 11th largest economy in 2023, as projected by the International Monetary Fund.[9]

The country has seen an upward revision in its economic growth forecasts, thanks to a stronger-than-anticipated performance in the job market and consumer spending. It’s expected that Australia’s Real GDP has seen a growth of 4.25% in 2021-22, 3.5% in 2022-23, and 2.5% in 2023-24 according to Australia’s Ministry of Treasuries.[10]

This impressive economic growth stems from a variety of factors, including steady population growth, strong export performance, and even growth across different sectors.

10. Crime Rate is Considerably Low

Australia is widely recognized as a safe, welcoming, and inclusive country, making it an ideal place to live and study.

Australia has a rate of 1.3 murders per 100,000 people as of 2019, which is pretty low per Gitnux.

With some of the lowest crime rates globally, it consistently ranks as one of the safest countries to call home.

In 2022-23: 1.7% of persons (358,500) experienced physical assault. 2.2% of persons (459,800) experienced face-to-face threatened assault. 1.8% of households (185,300) experienced a break-in according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.[11]

11. Great Food!

Thanks to its vibrant blend of cultures shaping a dynamic food scene. Here, you can explore flavors from around the world—be it Asian, Thai, English, French, Italian, Chinese, and more. And let’s not forget the quintessential Australian beach barbecue, an experience in its own right.